Team Up 2024 NLC Logo
Donor Recognizing Reason for Recognition Contribution
Justin RichardsonMarketing TeamAnother incredible NLC!!!$50
Bret BarczakLiz HenryThank you Liz Henry for being a TRUE partner 😉$50
Bret BarczakMed Supplies Digital Marketing TeamThanks to everyone involved in launching the Med Supplies digital marketing program: Neill Rowland, Amber Foster, Erica Gibbs, Troy Searcy, Amanda Couture, Chad Sabo, Leah Holderbaum, Kristen Mikhail, and Andrea Barnett. Great job team!!!$50
Curtis WatkinsCompliance TeamI appreciate your commitment to ensuring we do what is best not only for the company but our customers and all stakeholders. Keep up the good work!!!$100
Amber DubeMighty team of 55 at SpinLife!The team is rallying around each other, thinking outside the box & challenging the norm to improve our business - to better help our customers live life with mobility. Ready to TeamUp 2024!$550
Liza Van-WilgenAmber Dube & Brad SewellLooking forward to an incredible year of partnership. Let's Go Lives 2024!!!$100
Andrea BarnettRichard OviattThank you for always being willing to share your VALUABLE Google adwords expertise with me!$5
Andrea BarnettJulie AbramsThank you for the patient and detailed way you lead us through NLC recognition!$5
Andrea BarnettEric GriebThank you for being a team player with Topical Breakouts!$5
Andrea BarnettNCCC TeamThank you to our NCCC team for being the absolute definition of Team Up! Marketing & Comms appreciate your continued professionalism and patient leadership with customer escalations.$50
Christina MancarellaCash Posting & Unapplied TeamsA year of collaboration, teamwork, and determination to set new records. Thank you for all you do!Private
Sam DarrajShared Services TeamsI am honored to work alongside an incredible team and super proud of the work of all of our teams that helped us have a great year in 2023. I am looking forward to an awesome 2024 - TeamUp!$100
Tom SimonSarah Delvin, CCC & John Bryan, Seating TechThe core members of TEAM SIMON! Their dedication to excellence, compassion and ability to serve the ALS Community is second to none!$100
Stephanie GrayJessica BramucciThank you Jessica for always willing to help our team out! You are an amazing person and we truly appreciate all you do!$50
Elisa VeguillaAccounting TeamHonoring my Accounting Team Mates for always cleaning up!$30
Melissa SnyderEau Claire, WI TeamI would love to give a shout out to all the guys at the Eau Claire WI Branch! We run a very smooth branch. I am proud to say this. We rock, especially my small team that consists of a new Dad, Lois and Superman, and even the Michelin Man.$50
Stephanie GrayValley TeamValley Team- I want to thank our entire Valley team for making a difference for our clients. From our service, commercial, rehab and our shared services partners. You all work together to TEAM UP! Thank you all!$50
Brian KaminskasERP Rollout First Three Teams to Go LiveI want to recognize Mark Alcon & Jamie Mock, Rich Reisdorf & Lucas Jones, Jennifer Maichuk & Cliff DeRosia as the first three teams to go live on D365. Cannot thank them enough for their ability to TEAM UP during this ERP rollout!$100
Liz FloegelService Desk TeamIn Honor of our awesome Service Desk team, supporting Numotion teams all day, every day! Scott Wheeler, Anthony Ferretti, Ken Bradley, Rachel Grusse, Juan Gonzalez, Larry Hewlett, Rob Catherine, Melody Hannah!$100
Liz FloegelSALESFORCE, Field Connect, & Commercial Systems TeamsIn honor of our SALESFORCE, Field Connect & Commercial Systems team - Amanda, Troy, Chad, Barry, Michele, Nupur, Amanda G. Working together to enable revenue generation with new equip, service, Med Sup, Corlife, etc etc every day!$100
Liz FloegelERP IT Teameaming UP within IT to enable our supply chain teams!! Gordon, Bevin, Dave Rossi, Jenny, Tejal, Carla, Peter Bailey, Michael A, Nupur, Jose, etc etc"$100
Anne KieschnikATP Developmental Candidates, their DSO's and ATPD Remote Mentor Andrew SteeleALL of the ATP Developmental Candidates, their DSO's, and ATPD Remote Mentor Andrew Steele who together Team Up!$50
Liza Van-Wilgen"OG Accounting Team!"Marques Anderson, Elisa Veguilla, Tanya Nikonova, Fabrizia Dimaio, and Shaunette Latouche! "Huge thank you to the "OG" accounting team!!! Very few people know how hard this team works behind the scenes, but I see it every single day. THANK YOU!!!$125
Liz HenryKim Marcell and Liza Van-WilgenI wanted to thank Kim Marcel and Liza van Wilgen for being great Finance partners and NEVER telling me any of my questions were dumb!$50
Sarah JacobyGreat Lakes TeamAn incredible 2023; serving a record number of customers! This is only accomplished together- all in! Thank you for all you do daily to Team Up! Excited for 2024!$50
Liz HenryHR Leadership TeamI want to give a huge shout out to the HR Leadership Team - Douglas Punt. Hannah Kosovsky, Julie Abrams, Karen McEntire, Katrina Marin, and Shannon Gonzalez - for taking such good care of our employees so they can take care of our customers!
Liz HenryNLC Recognition TeamI'm so thankful for the team that makes NLC recognition such a success. Julie Abrams, Raema Austin, Penny Allen, Jess Leonard, and Pat Halle - You guys are the best!$50
Liz HenryCurtis WatkinsTo my partner in crime, Curtis Watkins!! You make us better every day...THANK YOU to you and your team!$50
Gerry BlackEntire Chicago TeamThanks to the entire Chicago Team - Every Department Thats involved from Start to Finish and continued Service. Without your support I could not provide equipment for our Chicagoland Area Clients both far and wide.$100
Bill StempowskiNCCC TeamThank you to our amazing NCCC team, you truly TeamUp to ensure our customers are heard and issues resolved. Stephanie, Jayra, Marsha; Shiobvan; Brenda; Lorenza; Nidia; Pam; Nadine; Pam.$50
Bill StempowskiCustomer Experience TeamThank you to our amazing Customer Experience team, you do amazing things every day. Cary, Ariel, Jarrica, Stacey, Sonia, Nina, Brittany, Julian, Clarissa, Richard, Andrea.$60
Bill StempowskiService Field TeamThank you for your dedication and support for the entire Service field team. You are appreciated! Jeff Gonzalez, Matt Mosman, Chris Te Rito, Jamison Wilmesherr, Brian Kaminskas, Victoria Jordan.$100
Clay SmithAdjacencies and Ops TeamsFP&A is looking forward to teaming up with our partners in the adjacencies and the ops teams in 2024!$100
Liz FloegelTamas Feitel and Kim MarcellRecognizing Tamas Feitel and Kim Marcell. AMAZING work putting together our budgets AND helping manage the complexities of IT. You are both amazing partners and leaders.
Mark MillerNLC and CGS TeamsThe entire NLC and CGS teams for their collaboration, hard work and dedication for excellence. You are all a blessing to work with!$100
Julie WallaceERP Project TeamNathan Sisk, Kathryn Bleck, Michael Ambre, Michael Waters, and Brian Kaminskas and our amazing collaborators on the IT side. We could not have made it through 2023 without you! Let’s crush 2024!$50
Julie WallaceBrian KaminskasI want to thank Brian Kaminskas for joining the dark side last year (lol) and helping our team cross the finish line with 3 go-lives! Your patience, dedication, leadership and positivity have personally been invaluable to me! Thank you!$5
Julie WallaceLiz FloegelI want to thank Liz Floegel for your mentorship, leadership and guidance! Thank you for allowing me to continue to help lead and be part of an amazing transformation. I look forward to challenging the status quo in 2024. Bring it on!$5
Julie WallaceDave MapesThank you Dave Mapes for being an awesome leader, someone I look up to and strive to be like, and just an all around great guy! Thank you for trusting me to lead and challenging me to make me a better leader!$5
Teresa Frogge$25
Hollie TaylorSt. Louis, Cape Girardeau, and Springfield MO CCC TeamsThanks to the St. Louis, Cape Girardeau and Springfield MO CCC teams! Thank you for being the backbone for our locations! We appreciate all you do!$25
Mike SeidelWorkers Comp Processing Teams under Hillary DuranThanks to the Numotion work comp processing team under Hillary Duran$100
Justin PeterfishDocument Funding Team MembersThanks to all of our document funding team members for supporting our ATPs and customers by helping us navigate the complex funding world!$100
Bill BalaunEntire Numotion Team!The entire Numotion team and all they do to support our customers! Congrats on a great year!$25-
John PrylesNumo FamilyNumo Family$50
Toby BergantinoCT Rehab Tech TeamFor our rehab tech team in Ct$500
Brad SewellRehab and Service Partners at Every Numotion BranchOn behalf of CorLife and in sincere appreciation of our rehab and service partners at every Numotion branch!$100
Christopher Craney$25
Danielle MainsClincal Education TeamsI would like to recognize the Clinical Education Team for teaming up throughout the entire year, specifically, in launching the Excellence Program and the return of NuFairs in 2023!!$50
Gary GilbertiEast DivisionShout out to the entire East Division. Thanks for an incredible 2023. Can't wait to Team Up for a great 2024!!!$500
Mary CarbarleEd Lipositz, Hannah Meyer, and Kristine RigaThank you Ed Lipositz for showing me what a great ATP looks like and Hannah Meyer for carrying the torch for him! Can not leave out Kristine Riga who always goes above and beyond for her patients and therapists!$50
Rich BlanchetteMike Collins and Adam HawksMike Collins and Adam Hawks for always giving me an assist when I need it in clinic. I appreciate you guys!$50
Hollie TaylorTim Filla & Kelly BeinhornHuge thank you to Tim Filla and Kelly Beinhorn for their continued support! Thanks for all you do!$25
Tim CaseyJames HartmanTo terrorize James Hartman$50
Amanda CoutureService TeamThank you to the service team for their leadership in our digital transformation! Special thanks to Bill S, Kaitlyn Lantry, Mike Wilson, Daniel Ray, Brook Cowin, Jamison Wilmesherr & Matt Mosman!$50
RJ ThompsonRoanoke, VA TeamThe RoanokeVa team for a great outstanding team up year.$10
Eric GriebClinical Education TeamI would like to recognize the Clinical Ed Team, Danielle, Britta, Leah and Kiley for their tireless efforts to Team Up to educate our referrals, customers and ATPs. Truly Amazing Team Players
Brook CowinJames HartmanJames - be careful!$25
Holly FickNebraska and Dakota TeamsFor the Nebraska and Dakota teams. Thanks for what we achieved together in 2023-let’s do more in ‘24!!
David St LouisAppleton, WI TeamTeam Appleton!$50
Kevin DavenportJeff Gonzalez and TeamJeff Gonzales and his team in how they work through customer escalations.$100
Brenda RoehlTeam Brenda!Team Brenda! My ATP’s are an awesome team, Thankful for them every day!$100
Michele LongoNumotion Team Across the Country & Denver TeamHuge shout out to the generous Numotion team across the country that support Craig Hospital patients to have an easier transition home! And much love and admiration to the whole Denver team!$100
Steve StickneyKC's Recovering ATP, DCIn honor of KC’s recovering ATP, DC. Get well my friend!$50
Michele GuckerColumbus, Cleveland, and Maumee, OH LocationsI’d like to recognize the amazing work, commitment and dedication by all team members in the Columbus, Cleveland, and Maumee, OH locations!$250
Linda DonaldsonSpokane Branch Including KennewickThe Spokane Branch including Kennewick! Let’s make 2024 the best year ever!
Jeff GonzalezNCCC/DE Dream TeamThe Amazing NCCC/CE Dream Team !!$100
Mike CallahanTeam GulfTeam Gulf Rocks!$100
Jeff WheelerLegal, Compliance, and the Safety of Numo III'm thankful for the Legal team, the Compliance team, and the fact that Matt Bradley does not know Numo II's whereabouts 🙂$500
Dan Peterson$50
Amanda CoutureCaitlin Miller, Chris Montes, Justin Peterfish, & Julie KellarThank you to Caitlin Miller, Chris Montes, Justin Peterfish & Julie Kellar for your effort to TeamUp for the workspace project!$50
Jared KirkhartTeam Brenda RoehlTeam Brenda Roehl!$50
James BrislinNumotion FoundationNumotion Foundation. Best of Luck. Scott Meuser$1,000
Wade CunninghamGreat Plains SAM SquadGreat Plains SAM Squad$20
Christine LloydSTL Peds TeamShout out to the best Pediatric Team around! Go STL Peds Team!!$40
Kristi MeyersGreat Plains TeamsShoutout to the best team at NuMotion! Obviously it’s the Great Plains! Not to mention I would love to see James in pain$100
John StorieTeam NumotionThanks for the great partnership!$150
Bill StempowskiS&R TeamWay to #TeamUp to the entire service & repair team. You do amazing things. Thank you.$100
Joshua FlorenceSan Antonio, Austin, Waco, and McAllen LocationsBig shout out to Numotion San Antonio, Austin, Waco and McAllen. It was 10 yrs ago Elle received her first wheelchair from Numotion and now I am blessed to be a part of the Numotion Team. Thank you from Josh and Elle!!!!$100
James BrislinJames HartmanLet's go James!!!$150
Carrie Finale$25
Liz FloegelIT Infrastructure & Telephony TeamsShout out to our IT infrastructure & telephony teams. Keeping things up and running so we can serve our customers. Denise Carney, Kyle Copeland, Stephen Wesche, Sam Wineinger, Joe Lowery, Jonathan Landry.
David BertzNumotion FoundationCongrats on a great event and have a blast celebrating all you do for all the communities you serve! Keep up the great work and thank you for the partnership.$150
Brett BrunsTeam Numotion
Jeff MillerOrlando, FL TeamI want to give a huge shout out to the Orlando, FL team! As a newish to Numotion ATP, I've been blessed to work with such a solid team that puts our clients first. Here's to 2024 and beyond!$40
Wendell DurantRocky Hill, CT TeamRocky Hill, CT Team Great Job serving our Customers.$40
Sarah JacobyCurtis Watkins and Compliance TeamHuge shout out to Curtis Watkins and our compliance team! Your endless guidance and support for our team is invaluable! Always available to help! You all are appreciated!$50
Jessica OsbornThe West & Oregon South TeamsThe West is Best! I would like to recognize the Oregon South Team for being amazing collaborators to take care of our clients. You all truly the Best!$50
Sarah JacobyJames HartmanFor James- Welcome to the Danger Zone!$50
Marty AndersonHeather HedgecokDonating in honor of Heather Hedgecock ATP Minneapolis. Inspires me everyday to go above and beyond for each client she serves! Go Heather!$25
Jessica BramucciShared Services TeamsShoutout to our Shared Services teams! Thank you for your dedication everyday for our customers!$50
Susan KennedyContracting TeamRecognize our Contracting Team!!!!$100
Lisa PaceCoastal TeamCoastal Team I’m so honored to work with such an amazing team and super proud of their team spirit that led us to our amazing 2023 results. Thank you ALL!$100
Margherita BesignanoJames HartmanFor James Hartman insurance fund$100
Kevin RothPediatric Council & NW/Pacific Region ColleaguesShout out to the Pediatric Council and to my NW/Pacific region colleagues, most especially to my direct team members. Many thanks for all you do!$250
Paul Wilkie$250
Lindsay FordPurchasing Team & Mary PhillipsFor our purchasing team, especially the incomparable Mary Philllips. Always on fire!$50
Dave MapesSupport Operations TeamThank you to the entire Support Operations team for an outstanding 2023! Thank you for all that you do for our company and customers!!$200
Chrissy BeamerLas Vegas, Tucson, Reno, & Salt Lake TeamsTeams Las Vegas, Tucson, Reno and Salt Lake City. Smaller but very mighty teams with HUGE hearts and a heck of a work ethic! So proud to have worked with all of the folks in these amazing branches!$50
Chris MontesThe Passing Zone, James Hartman, & Team HoustonThe Passing Zone is amazing! Thanks guys… and nice knowing you James! From Team Houston$20
Mary WilleMinneapolis TeamI would like to recognize the entire Minneapolis team, They are the best group of people I have ever worked with. I would also like to challenge all of the ATPS in Minneapolis contribute what you can to the foundation.$50
Tamas FeitelTeam FinanceThank you Team Finance for being the best finance team ever, going above and beyond in so much you all do! Couldn’t be prouder to be part of this team!!$1,000
Ryan HagyShared ServicesFrom the entire Great Plains team - thank you to all our teammates in shared services. You are all a critical part of the wonderful things we do on a daily basis.
Jose NegronIT DepartmentI would like to recognize all the folks in the IT department$50
Lynn SpringfieldJames HartmanPlease put Hartman in quantum while he rehabs back to health after the farm equipment injury.$100
Stephanie MendozaJeff Gonzalez, Cary Robinson, & Clarissa PottsA huge thank you to Jeff Gonzalez, Cary Robinson, and Clarissa Potts for always being there to support me, and our NCCC/CE team! It wouldn't be the same without you! Thank you for your continued support! I appreciate you.
Paula VoithoferTeam NumotionThanks for the partnership NuMotion! It is a pleasure to work with all of you!$100
Chrissy BeamerIVC & DFC TeamsOur amazing IVC and DFC teams who support the branches from behind the scenes. We are so grateful for your expertise and tireless efforts.$50
Alex PlattJames HartmanFor giving James a crop cut with the sickles$50
Eric GriebATP Development and Seating Tech Training TeamsI would like to recognize the ATP Development and Seating Tech Training Teams Anne, Andy and Erik for all their efforts to Team Up across the Organization to help our new Team Members to learn and succeed
Jake KulurisPortland, OR & Vancouver, WA Operations TeamsI would like to recognize the entire operations team behind the scenes in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA from the CCCs to Production to Seating Techs to Warehouse Teams and their leaders!$5
Mike WilsonCentral ZoneShout out to the Central Zone!! Amazing 2023!!!$100
Mark ODonalRocky Hill, CT & Taunton, MA TeamsI would like to recognize the Rocky Hill CT and Taunton Mass teams! Thanks for all you do everyday!$75
Ian KingscoteTaunton, MA TeamThe entire Taunton team!$100
Julie KellarCarli Elliott & Justin PeterfishCarli Elliott and Justin Peterfish who make work a joy!$20
Bret BarczakJames Hartman & Mike ThayerThank you James Hartman and Mike Thayer for being such good sports with The Passing Zone. You guys were awesome!!$50
Bret BarczakNLC Marketing TeamI would like to recognize my NLC Marketing Team of Mark Miller, Hayley Runion, Andrea Barnett, Rachel Keller and Justin Richardson for putting on another awesome NLC event this year. Thanks Team!$50
Susan HarperTEDS in my National DFC Team & in the SE Zone DFC TeamI would like to recognize the TEDS in my National DFC Team and in the SE Zone DFC Team. You are wonderful!!$50
Michelle WickerSpringfield Billing DepartmentI donated to recognize the whole Springfield Billing Department. You all rock! It's a pleasure working with all of you. #Teamup$15
Christina ChavisTeam Greensboro, NCYou have taught me so much and I appreciate everything you all do for our clients$50
Raema AustinLiz Henry, Tamas Feitel, John Pryles, and James HartmanLooking forward to another great year!$20
Tracy SmithPurchasing DepartmentThey are always super helpful!$100
Shanelle GregoryMelanie Lau, Kelly Beinhorn, Kara Luttrell, & Christina MancarellaThank you for jumping in and helping work through complex issues. Your knowledge and customer service are top notch!$50
Shanelle GregoryAlex Platt & Terance JosephThank you for making 'data magic' happen and delivering on time.$50
Dave DixonEntire CorLife Claims TeamI want to recognize the entire CorLife Claims Team. I couldn't be more excited about 2024. I am proud to be a part of the CorLife and Numotion teams.$50
Renee WaddellDanielle Mains & the Clinical Education TeamRecognition to Danielle and the Clinical Education Team for consistent field support with the Excellence Program$25
Shannon GonzalezCurtis Watkins, Laura Proctor, & TeamsShout out to Curtis Watkins, Laura Proctor and their teams. Thank you for your continued partnering and support for our organization. I could not do this without you!!$50
Bradley ScottSoutheast Service Intake TeamIn recognition & appreciation of Numotion's Southeast Service Intake Team (SCI)!$35