Two adaptive athletes competing in Archery

Numotion Foundation Supports BlazeSports America

The Numotion Foundation recently provided funding to BlazeSports America in support of their adaptive athletics programs. Following a successful and highly impactful year of programming in 2022, Daniel Degraffenreid, Development Manager provided the following impact story:

BlazeSports America is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed as the legacy organization of the 1996 Paralympic Games held in Atlanta, Georgia. For 25 years, our mission has been to change the lives of youth and veterans with physical disabilities through adaptive sport and recreation.

Last summer the Numotion Foundation supported the 2nd Annual Peachtree Paragames, which is a multi-sport event that provides competition for the developmental to the elite Paralympic athlete. Events offered were archery, swim, and track and field, in addition to free sports clinics offered over the weekend. This event served youth and veterans with disabilities and attracted participants from across the country for competitive and fun two-day event.

BlazeSports America believe that everyone has the right to access sport and physical activity, to live a healthy lifestyle, to make friends and experience the benefits of sport and recreation.

To learn more about BlazeSports America programs and their impact on the community, please visit: