Texas Ramp 9

Numotion Foundation Continues Support of Texas Ramp Project

The Numotion Foundation has continued its support of The Texas Ramp Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides free wheelchair ramps to low-income older adults and people with disabilities identified by local health care providers. Ramps are built exclusively with volunteer labor, keeping costs to a minimum. Ramps are built without regard to race, religion, ethnicity, age or gender.

Per the Texas Ramp Project, the organization has built over 25,000 wheelchair ramps as of August, 2023. As measured in ramps constructed, this milestone represents over 125 miles of freedom for those living with disabilities.

Providing examples of how The Texas Ramp Project serves their communities, the following stories and photos were shared with the Numotion Foundation:

Mr. Noe M., 66, of Dallas needed a ramp because of three steps at his front door. Mr. M. uses a cane, walker or wheelchair, depending on what he is doing or where he is going. Four young men and three moms from Young Men’s Service League, Lone Star and Plano chapters, spent a total of 25 hours on September 16, 2023, to build this 30-foot ramp. In-kind labor value was over $700. The referral was from the Dallas Area Agency on Aging.

Mr. Charles M. of Garland needed a way to get from his front door to his driveway. Mr. M., 70 and a veteran, uses a manual wheelchair and could not exit the house on his own. Four team leaders and four TIAA volunteers worked a total of 16 hours to build a 27-foot ramp. The referral was from Pleasant Valley Healthcare and Rehabilitation. The ramp was completed October 3, 2023.

Ms. Ruby S., 91, of Dallas uses a rollator walker or manual wheelchair and could not navigate the four steps from her porch without assistance. This was risky for both Ms. S. and her caregiver. Four team leaders and five Santander volunteers worked a total of 23 hours to build this 32-foot ramp from her door to the sidewalk. The labor value was $654. The ramp, referred by Home Care Network, was built on October 5, 2023.

To learn more about The Texas Ramp Project, please visit: www.texasramps.og