EmpowHer Camp 1

Disabilty EmpowHer Network Receives Contribution from the Numotion Foundation

The Numotion Foundation recently provided support to the Disability EmpowHer Network, an organization whose mission is to “connect, motivate, and guide disabled girls and women to grow, learn, and develop to their highest potential and have the confidence to lead.”

Recognizing that girls living with disabilities have significantly lower high school graduation rates and higher unemployment rates than their nondisabled peers, Disability EmpowHer Network empowers girls and young women with disabilities through mentoring and transformational learning experiences.

Disability EmpowHer Network’s programs include EmpowHer Camp, an immersive experience designed for girls with disabilities between 13 and 18 years of age, and EmpowHer ROC, a monthly program intended to increase confidence and social skills while providing opportunities for growth in leadership and communication skills.

To learn more about Disability EmpowHer Network and their community impact, visit: www.disabilityempowhernetwork.org